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Size Guide Video Explanation

Press play to find out more about the how to get the correct Bearhug size for you!. You can find all the specific product size guide videos here :. Ankle: Calf: https

Will it help my symptoms/condition?

We advise to seek professional medical advice for rehabilitation guidance for your symptoms or condition. If the recommendation includes compression, support and increased blood flow then an appropriately sized Bearhug can help.

How long can I wear the product?

The supports and sleeves can be worn for as long as you feel they are comfortable. However, we advise against wearing the product longer than an entire day or night.

Can I wear the product while swimming?

Yes the product can be worn swimming. Whether that be in a pool, in the sea or under/over a wetsuit.

Can I wear the products with socks/under clothes?

Bearhug supports and sleeves are designed to fit minimally against the skin to reduce the impact and bulging on clothing. The products will fit under sportswear and normal clothing, the ankle supports do fit under sock but it is personal preference a

How to get the most from your Bearhug?

Press play to get find out on how to get the most from your Bearhug.